EYE TRACKING (oculography, tracking the movements of eyeballs) is a technique used in marketing to track the point of gaze, eye movements and the pupil size of the respondent. Direct observation using the Eyetracker is possible thanks to a special camera emitting and registering infrared radiation.


  • fixations and gaze points: fixation of the eye on a specific element, e.g. packaging
  • fixations sequences – when and where a participant looked
  • the time taken to notice a specific element,
  • average fixation duration – time spent looking at specific elements (text, pictograms, signs),
  • way of looking (whether the text is read or scanned),
  • percentage distribution of attention to particular elements, e.g. packaging,
  • background elements distracting and drawing attention away from the researched element.


  • A video with a marker indicating the current focus of the eyesight
  • Heatmaps
  • Fixation maps
  • Results for defined Areas of Interest (AOI) (e.g. logotype)
  • Statistical summaries