STATIONARY EYETRACKER – Tobii Pro Spectrum 600Hz


ET Tobii Pro Spectrum 600 Hz is the latest and most advanced eye tracking platform designed for wide range of research on human behaviour and the mechanics of eye movements.

Tobii Pro Spectrum has been designed to provide the highest quality data thanks to Tobii’s patented visual tracking algorithms, sophisticated equipment design and highest quality hardware components.

Data recording up to 600 Hz allows natural head movement.

Źródło: Tobii AB

Tobii Pro Spectrum 600Hz – unique technical solutions:

  • 3D eye model provides higher quality data about our eyesight, including viewing angles and all screen corners
  • Two eye tracking cameras, registering up to 600 images per second
  • Ability to track eye movement regardless of the structure of the eye, age or corrective lenses
  • Records data smoothly and continuously even in case of minimal data loss when blinking or when participants look away
  • Maintains high accuracy, even during head movements or in different lighting conditions
  • It enables accurate synchronization of eye fixation and gaze information with data from other sources, e.g. EEG, GSR
  • Provides information about the eye movements that enable scientists to understand what impacts these data


Źródło: Tobii AB

Mobile Device Stand

Assembly solution for testing mobile devices. Works with phones, tablets and other similar devices.

Accurate measurements in natural conditions:

  • Natural user interaction
  • The handle rotates between vertical and horizontal modes, the height of the base is adjustable for tall or short devices

Źródło: Tobii AB

Software – Tobii Pro Studio, Tobii Pro Lab