Stationary EEG GSR - Brain Products ActiChamp 32 kanały (+ 8AUX) + ActiCaps

actiChamp is a 24 bit amplifier dedicated for actiCap active electrodes.

The set also includes additional 8 AUX channels. The system allows the expansion of 32 to 160 EEG channels by very easily adding 32 EEG channels to the amplifier.

Thanks to high signal sampling (up to 50kHz for a 32-channel configuration), actiChamp sets a new standard for scientific applications.

actiCap combined with active electrodes, is a set with very good technical parameters being quick and easy in operation at the same time.

actiCAP Xpress Twist – a comfortable, durable, versatile, safe, easy to use and quick-to-apply cap with a unique twist mechanism.

The user can easily adjust the cap using 78 predefined electrode positions. Additional cutouts reduce sweat artifacts and allow access to the sensors even when the cap is already mounted. Provides comfort to the examined people.

Basic features:

  • The easy-to-use torsion mechanism built into the electrode holders allows for individual height adjustment of the sensor
  • Optimal connection to the patient’s skin
  • High quality electrodes
  • Gold-plated replaceable dry / wet sensors for the lowest noise levels
  • Soft and comfortable caps
  • 8, 16 or 32 channels standard limit layouts


Software - BrainVision Analyzer 2

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